Question answer on Valence Bond Theory / Molecular Orbital Theory

Find the correct answer by clicking on the choice given.
1. What is the hybridization of the oxygen atom in water?

(a) sp

(b) sp2

(c) sp3

(d) It is not hybridized.

2. When a double bond is formed between two atoms, one of the bonds is a sigma bond and the other is a pi bond. The pi bond is created by the overlap of...

(a) sp2 hybrid orbitals

(b) sp3 hybrid orbitals

(c) p orbitals

(d) s orbitals

3. The central atom in BrF5 has _?_ bonding pairs of electrons and _?_ non-bonding pairs of electrons.

(a) 1...5

(b) 0...5

(c) 5...1

(d) 5...0

4. Which of the following molecules does not have a net dipole moment?

(a) H2O

(b) NH3

(c) BF3

(d) BrF5

5. What is the bond order in NO2+?

(a) 1.5

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

6. What is the electron-pair geometry of the central oxygen atom of ozone (O3)?

(a) linear

(b) trigonal planar

(c) tetrahedral

(d) trigonal bipyramidal

7. What is the molecular geometry for ammonia (NH3)?

(a) saw horse

(b) trigonal planar

(c) tetrahedral

(d) pyramidal

8. The molecular orbital diagram for the carbide ion (C22-) would show which of the following molecular orbitals?

(a) s1s2    s*1s2    s2s2    s*2s2    p2p4

(b) s1s2    s*1s2    s2s2    s*2s2    p2p4    s2p2

(c) s1s2    s*1s2    s2s2    s*2s2    p2p4    s2p2    p*2p2

(d) s1s2    s*1s2    s2s2    s*2s2    p2p4    s2p2    p*2p4

9. Which of the following best represents the 3-dimensional view of H2N-?

10. Which of the following represents the best resonance structure for N2O?

11. What is the hybridization of the sulfur atom is SF4?

(a) sp2

(b) sp3

(c) sp3d

(d) sp3d2

12. What is the hybridization of the xenon atom in XeF4?

(a) sp2

(b) sp3

(c) sp3d

(d) sp3d2


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