CSIR UGC JRF NET Chemistry Question Paper

CSIR UGC JRF NET Chemistry Question Paper
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Chemistry Tests and Chemistry Quizzes


Mesomeric effect involves delocalisation of
(A) pi electrons
(B) sigma electrons
(C) protons
(D) none of these
Answer: (A)
Methoxy methane and ethanol are
(A) Position isomers
(B) Chain isomers
(C) Functional isomers
(D) Optical isomers
Answer: (C)
Mg+2 is isoelectronic with
(A) Ca2+
(B) Na+
(C) Zn2+
(D) Cu2+
Answer: (B)
Molarity of a given orthophosphoric acid solution is 3M. It's normality is
(A) 1 N
(B) 2 N
(C) 0.3 N
(D) 9 N
Answer: (D)
Mole fraction of the solute in a 1.00 molal aqueous solution is
(A) 1.7700
(B) 0.1770
(C) 0.0177
(D) 0.0344
Answer: (C)
Molecules of a noble gas do not possess vibrational energy because a noble gas ______.
(A) is chemically inert
(B) is monoatomic
(C) is diamagnetic
(D) has completely filled shells
Answer: (B)
N2 + 3H2 Ý 2NH3 + heat. What is the effect of the increase of temperature on the equilibrium of the reaction?
(A) equilibrium is shifted to the left
(B) equilibrium is shifted to the right
(C) equilibrium is unaltered
(D) reaction rate does not change
Answer: (A)
Name the type of the structure of silicate in which one oxygen atom of [SiO4]4– is shared?
(A) Three dimensional
(B) Linear chain silicate
(C) Sheet silicate
(D) Pyrosilicate
Answer: (D)
n-propyl bromide on treating with alcoholic KOH produces
(A) propane
(B) propene
(C) propyne
(D) propanol
Answer: (B)
Of the following complex ions, which is diamagnetic in nature?
(A) [CoF6]3–
(B) [NiCl4]2–
(C) [Ni(CN)4]2–
(D) [CuCl4]2–
Answer: (C)

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